REGUPOL impact sound insulation

For floating floors

REGUPOL sonus curve

For floating floor constructions

Durable, versatile and cost-effective are the main characteristics to describe our product REGUPOL sonus curve. Various thicknesses let you design many different floor constructions to reduce impact and airborne sound transmission within building structures.

As a full surface bearing under cement screed, concrete toppings as well as plywood systems it is perfectly suited for commercial and residential buildings as well as box-in-box solutions in entertainment areas.

REGUPOL sonus curve 25

The 25 mm thick product variant shows the lowest dynamic stiffness values and can also be used in multiple layers for the highest acoustic…

REGUPOL sonus curve 17

The 17 mm thick version perfectly combines high insulation requirements with outstanding value for money.

REGUPOL sonus curve 15

With the 15 mm thick product variant you can combine not only high performance in insulation but also a superb value for money and a limited floor…

REGUPOL sonus curve 8

The 8 mm thick product variant is suitable for almost all floor structures and presents a cost-effective solution for reliable impact sound…

REGUPOL sonus curve 6

With 6 mm thickness the thinnest version of the product is suitable for constructions with limited floor heights that still require an impact sound…

REGUPOL sonus curve

Made from recycled rubber REGUPOL sonus curve is not only a cost-effective solution but also one of the most sustainable ways to design floating floors as even stringent VOC emission regulations can be fulfilled.

With thicknesses between 6 mm and 25 mm impact sound reductions between ∆L≥ 18 dB and ∆L≥ 29 dB can be achieved. Multiple layers up to a total thickness of 75 mm will maximise the acoustical performance, if required. Disturbing low-frequency noise can be effectively reduced thanks to its profiled underside and the low dynamic stiffness of ≤ 13 MN/m³.