REGUPOL impact sound insulation

For floating screeds and hard surface floors

REGUPOL sonus core

For floating screeds and hard surface floors

Whether the floor design has to be environmental-friendly, economically driven or minimal in construction height, the impact sound insulation REGUPOL sonus core [formerly REGUPOL 7210 C] will fit all of the above. More than 90 % recycled content underlines its sustainable character.

Suitable as an acoustic underlay for a wide range of floor coverings as well as an impact sound insulation layer under screed, this product is very versatile in its application.

REGUPOL sonus core 5

Formerly REGUPOL 7210 C, 5 mm
The 5 mm thick product variant combines an effective reduction of sound transmission with outstanding value for money.

REGUPOL sonus core 3

Formerly REGUPOL 7210 C, 3 mm
Only 3 mm thick, this product is the preferred choice when floor height is limited while maintaining a reasonable…

REGUPOL sonus core

Our REGUPOL sonus core range is made of recycled rubber granules and other recycled elastomers providing a sustainable yet one of our most versatile solution.

Our two standard thicknesses 3 mm and 5 mm can be used as an acoustic underlay for ceramic tiles or timber floors and they are also suitable to use under cement screed or concrete toppings. Head to our test reports section to see its acoustical performance or ask our experts for more information.